Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Big Thank You To All Who Helped With The Balloon Launch!

Thank you first to the city of Lisbon for allowing us to have our Balloon Launch there.
Thank you to Sheriff Stone for coming to yet another one of our events. His help and support for us is very greatly appreciated.
Thanks also to Jon and Amber who helped us for the entire Balloon Launch. Jon took pictures and filled balloons with helium. Amber helped set up, and gathered all the family information we needed, and then helped to tear it all down afterward. They were both great!
As usual, County Recorder Craig Brown was on hand to lend us his support. We met Craig at the 2008 Pottery Festival and he has supported our efforts ever since. He really cares about his community and it is obvious in his actions.
Shirley Winn was the mastermind for the heart shaped balloons and the beautiful video that we all watched. Brilliant. Absolutely Brilliant. We don't know what we would do without her love and support.
Thanks to the lovely Erica who gave our opening prayer. She is nothing short of AWESOME!
A special Thanks to Rhoda Monigold and family for making a CD of music for us to play. It was wonderful and we appreciated it. Rhoda also showed up early to help us set up. Her courage and inspiration stands out and we appreciate her and her family.
We can not Thank Jim Ciotti enough for speaking at our event. His kind words and simple explanation of how a case gets solved was greatly appreciated.
And last but not least, we Thank Halls Welding Supply in Calcutta for GIVING US THE HELIUM FOR OUR BALLOONS. Halls has supported us the last two years in one way or another and we appreciate them greatly.
Don't forget to come look for us at the Columbiana Street Fair starting on September 10. We were there last year and had a wonderful time. Hope to see you there on Thursday!

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