Sunday, October 4, 2009


This is our last set up for 2009. Harvest Days are bitter sweet each year. We love the event but it is the last of the season for us. It was a good second year. And today was a fantastic last day.
We had crowd after crowd the last two days. We gave out more than 500 cards and made dozens of new friends. At 4pm we held our drawing for our Ohio State Football Game tickets. The winner is Marilyn McCullough of Lisbon. She will get her tickets tomorrow and we will have her picture here for you to see. Congrats Marilyn!!!! We made about $300 total on the sale of the raffle tickets. Thank you so much Joe and Cassidie for donating the tickets to us and helping us to get that much closer to attaining our non profit status. You guys are the best.
We talked to a lot of great people in the last two days. Family members of some of our victims like Joey Gilmore and Linda and Angela Morris. We talked to some policemen from the area, and these two guys. This is Scott and Mike of North Star Ambulance Service. They were great and very interested in CCFHV. Thanks guys for your interest.
And finally we had the opportunity to meet a guy named Jimmy who does videos for You- Tube. He was hired to video Harvest Days and noticed us. He came over and talked to us and explained that normally he charges $150 and up to do this service, but he wanted to do one for us for free. He taped Belinda talking about Mike's case because his murder started it all. She then talks about Dalton and Christopher. She also explains some of the hardships we have had over the last two years.
But most importantly she points out that we do it for the victim's families and will continue to do so. And that is a promise from CCFHV.

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