Sunday, October 4, 2009

Day One Of Harvest Days 2009

We had a good first day at Harvest Days. Beaver Creek State Park is the perfect place for our last event of the season. It is breathtakingly beautiful down there. It is also one of my most favorite places to go because the people we meet are so nice. They are some of the best we encounter on our journey through the county. We get nothing but support there.
Our story boards are out in force. We had Barb Davis, cousin to Louise Davis, working with us today along with our very reliable volunteers, Amy and Sarah Fraser.
Tomorrow we will be drawing the name of the winner of the two Ohio State VS New Mexico football game in Columbus on Oct 31. We will do this at 4 pm. Your last chance to buy tickets is from 10 am to 4 pm tomorrow. If you bought raffle tickets from us for this, thank you for helping us get the money we need for our non profit status. We made about $300 so far. Good luck to everyone who helped us out!!

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