Friday, January 8, 2010

Building A Web Site For A Lost Loved One Helps.

One great thing a family member
can do is make a web site for their lost loved one.  There are
Blog for Shelby Miller  several out there like this one for Shelby Miller, who was kidnapped and murdered in September of 2009, allegedly by his own son, Travis.  If you click on his name, this link will take you to his site.  You will also see the love his family has for him.  There are pictures and poems and songs about this man and you get a good idea of how his family and friends feel.  The loss they are experiencing is very evident.  This site is worth a moment of your time. 
This is Mike's Web Site link.  His mom pours her heart out here. 
Mike's Web Site  But it also is another way to get his name and story out there. 

Here is another site that Tonia's family made for her. 
Tonia's web site
We would be glad to help any family members with information on how to start one.  In most cases, like with Blogger, it is free.  

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