Sunday, March 14, 2010

Calcutta- Investigation Continues in Woman’s Death


POSTED: March 11, 2010
St. Clair Township Police Department is still investigating the death of a 75-year-old woman.
Police Chief Don Hyatt identified the woman as Lorraine Yajko and said she was found deceased outside of her family home at 49499 Berkshire Road at around 6 p.m. Tuesday. Hyatt said she was not living at the home.
The chief said he is waiting to hear back from the county coroner's office and may receive a preliminary report in the next few days.
"I don't expect to have the final report for some time," Hyatt said. "Until we have a definitive cause of death based on the collected evidence, I'm not speculating on a cause."
The chief said there appeared to be an amount of blood at the scene. The body was discovered outside the home and investigators were seen going into the backyard and inside the home itself.
"The deceased was at her family home due to reasons we are not clear on," Hyatt said Wednesday. "She was not residing there."
Hyatt said Yajko was a longtime resident of the area.
Several people, including family members, were interviewed late Tuesday night. Investigators cleared the cordoned-off area around midnight, and all the interviews are over.
"I have to say, I think we are finished with interviews with people we needed to talk to," Hyatt said. "The context of those interviews and the coroner's results will determine where this investigation goes."
The chief said he is aware the situation is difficult for family members, friends and the community. He indicated the investigation is now trying to determine if the woman took her own life or if there was another factor at play.
"We are dealing with a tragedy, and we need to keep this in mind, but our obligation is to bring closure for the friends and family members and to complete the investigation," Hyatt said.
Right now, the case is still open and under investigation while Hyatt awaits the coroner's input. No one is in custody, and Hyatt said officers are not looking for suspects.
Members of the BCII assisted with the investigation late Tuesday.


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