Thursday, March 18, 2010

Salem man held after reported shooting


POSTED: March 16, 2010

SALEM - A $50,000 bond was set in county Municipal Court Monday for Mark Lewis Sr., 51, Walnut Street, the man charged with carrying a concealed weapon by Salem police following a reported shooting incident outside the Wing Warehouse.
A preliminary hearing was set for March 23 for Lewis, who according to court documents told police he had a handgun in his pocket after police responded to the report of shots fired early Sunday morning. The handgun Lewis was carrying in his pocket was loaded.
Detective David Talbert said Monday police continue to investigate the incident, which began when someone reported to police someone had been shot at the business on South Ellsworth Avenue at about 12:28 a.m. Sunday. Police responded and found no one injured, but later investigations did reveal evidence that a gun was fired several times.
At this point, Talbert said one person has come forward to report they were shot. The incident apparently began as a dispute inside the Wing Warehouse and then continued outside.
At the time of the incident the caller to police had identified a person looking like Lewis as the shooter, but others at the bar told police the person responsible had fled before they arrived. Lewis was found in front of the bar right after the incident Police were continuing to look Monday for the man who fled the scene.
A trace was being done on the gun collected from Lewis, and Talbert was awaiting some assistance from the Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms investigators on Monday afternoon.
"We have confirmed that there was more than one gun involved," Talbert said.
Another man reported to have a handgun returned to the bar, was taken into custody at about 12:58 a.m. Sunday. He insisted he was the owner of the handgun Lewis was found to have. The man was questioned by police but later released without charges.
While at the police station with Lewis still in custody at 1:40 a.m., police heard what sounded like another gunshot outside the police station. Police went outside immediately but were unable to find anything.
The victim, who reported the initial shooting at the Wing Warehouse, was in the police department front lobby when the shot was fired. He believed the shot may have been fired inside the building.
Police believe the gunshot was fired outside the building, possibly by a vehicle driving past the front door, according to police Chief Robert Floor.
A dispatcher heard the gunshot and even saw the flash from the muzzle using the camera that monitors the lobby of the police department.
In both cases the gunfire remains under investigation by police.

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