Thursday, May 20, 2010

Meet And Greet With The Wellsville Police Department

If you are ever presented the chance to meet the police men and women who serve your city, I highly recomend you do it.  CCFHV did just that tonight with the Wellsville Police Department.  The Wellsville Community Watch held the event.  There were not very many people who came and so many people missed a rare oportunity.
We were impressed with their professionalism and also their friendliness.  Just normal everyday people serving a city they love.  We appreciated the little glimpse of their lives they gave us and the chance to learn a little bit about them.We liked what we were presented. and walked away  with a whole new understanding about this police force.  Plus, Belinda behind bars was priceless!  See what you missed!
Marion, Dave,(Volunteers) and Cassidie(CCFHV Board Secretary) behind bars, too!

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