Friday, May 21, 2010

Salem cop recalled

POSTED: May 21, 2010

SALEM - Patrolman Rob Keister, laid off on March 3, will return to regular police schedule after another officer took a job with the Columbiana County sheriff's department.
Ptlm. Richard Kimble turned in his resignation effective immediately, according to Police Chief Bob Floor, who said he was using vacation time for his two-week notice.
Floor said he advised Service Safety Director Steve Andres of Kimble's resignation and was advised to immediately recall Keister.
Keister, who was one of eight city employees receiving an "indefinite" lay-off notice, returned to work Thursday night.
Floor said Keister, who was hired in February of 2007, was first on the call-back list
while Kimble, who was hired in August of 2006, was the lowest ranking on the seniority list and would have been the next officer to be laid off if that happened.
The good news, Floor said, was there was one less officer laid off but the department was still short of manpower.
"I'm thrilled to have him back from layoff and I will continue to do what I can to bring people back," Floor said, adding he was aware a couple officers had applications in with the sheriff's department.
Officers Brandon Smith and Steve LaRosa remain on layoff.
Last week, the fire department recalled firefighter Kevin Bryan with federal grant money acquired by Salem Area Industrial Development Corp.
Firefighters Jim Vross and Dustin Lucas remain on layoff.

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