Sunday, July 18, 2010

EP man again arrested for attack on girlfriend, son

Can someone PLEASE tell me why Children's Services is allowing this child to stay in the home???? The Mother is obviously an idiot and has no concern for the child... This is EXACTLY why we have 3 dead kids on our list of homicide victims...

POSTED: July 16, 2010

EAST PALESTINE - An East Palestine-area man who spent time in prison for beating his pregnant girlfriend in an attempt to cause a miscarriage has been arrested again for assaulting her and the child whose life he was accused of trying to terminate more than three years ago.
Chad R. Null, 29, of state Route 170, was charged Wednesday with two counts domestic violence by Columbiana County sheriff's deputies responding to a call received from the residence at 11 a.m.
Deputies arrived to find Null's live-in girlfriend, Nicole Boles, being taken to an ambulance by EMTs. Boles told them she had been assaulted by Null, who dragged her through the house by her hair and then slammed her into the wall. He also reportedly kicked Boles in the back.
Boles said Null also assaulted their 3-year-old son by slamming him head-first into a wall. She and her son were transported by ambulance to the St. Elizabeth Medical Center in Boardman.
Null was taken into custody after being charged with two counts of domestic violence, both of which are felonies because of his prior conviction on a charge of attempted involuntary manslaughter. Null admitted to punching the pregnant Boles twice in the stomach in December 2006, saying he hoped this resulted in the death of their unborn son. During the same attack, he reportedly dragged Boles around the house by her hair, slammed her head off the bed frame and grabbed her by the face.
After giving birth to their child, Boles asked the charges be dismissed because she wanted Null to be involved in their lives. She maintained this position after Null was again charged with domestic violence in September 2007 for kicking Boles under the chin because she failed to fasten the shoelaces on his work boots fast enough to please him.
This domestic violence charge was dropped after Null agreed to plead guilty to the attempted involuntary manslaughter charge. Null was sentenced in December 2007 to six months in prison, with credit granted for 48 days already served in the county jail.


Anonymous said...

yea its Getting bad in Eastliverpool when you go to Beaver med. center and you mention Eastliverpool they look and say they have midland cleanned up...lack of the POLICE doing there JOB!

Anonymous said...

I also feel she is a danger to her son's life. She lets this man abuse her and keeps taking him back! And while he might go to jail for a while, she will just find someone else who is the same way.