Thursday, January 27, 2011

Andrew Irwin Murder Trial

As I am sure most of you know that I was in court for the Andrew Irwin trial.
I have to say that sitting through a trial from start to finish was a very eye opening experience for me.
First let me say that I was impressed with the Prosecutor's Office, all 3 of them were amazing. The closing arguments were impressive by both John Gamble and the Defense Attorney, Jennifer Gorby.
 I learned so much. For example, not all evidence that is sent to our lab is actually processed. Some is processed but not further tested, etc. The BCI Special Agent Ed Carlini is a very knowledgeable man, and I don't think I could do that job.., The Coroner from Cuyahoga County is a woman..., there are different departments in the lab for each task, IE: DNA, Blood, etc.., they usually test every victims hands with a chemical to see if there are traces of metal..., there are victims on both sides..., (although, I hate when the killers family says that "we have lost someone too" becuz I am pretty sure they can still go visit their loved ones in jail)..., If you are the defendant in a case, it is probably best NOT to argue with the judge..., I could NEVER be a Defense Attorney and represent someone that is a killer, I could never be a paramedic or the 1st one on the scene, I could never be a cop and keep my cool with some of these people..., I understand (sometimes) why the Prosecutor's Office doesn't like to deal with the families..., (we are an emotional bunch)..., and no matter what, Mike is still always with me every time I do anything at all remotely close to homicide..., and in the end, I have faith in the Justice System and letting a Jury decide the fate of the accused...
I have put a few of the links below because I didn't want to comment during the trial and in case you missed something, it is all right here. That is of course with the exception of the fact that even though this case is now solved, the family of Emily Foreman will continue to miss her and have to deal with the fact that she is not coming back. My heart as always, breaks for them. R.I.P. Emily.....

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