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Documentary on Tweed murder case set for rebroadcast

January 28, 2011 - By MICHAEL D. McELWAIN (
EAST LIVERPOOL - The documentary about the unsolved 1973 "Tweed Murders" that shocked the East Liverpool community will air again this Saturday.
The documentary film "759 Dresden" was the result of more than two years of research and filmmaking, according to David Dunlap, the film's producer and director.
The documentary first aired Nov. 20 on WQED, the Pittsburgh-based PBS station, as part of the "Filmmakers Corner" program hosted by Minette Seate.
Dunlap said due to the first reaction and the interest from the viewing public, WQED elected to rebroadcast the program this Saturday at 10 p.m.
"With interviews from the people that were there, previously unseen archival footage and a 3-D model of the crime scene, the facts and myths surrounding the murder are presented in the hope that new information will be brought forward from the viewing public," Dunlap said.
On a larger scale, Dunlap said the film is about more than the Tweed murders and is "also about the issue of unsolved murders in the Columbiana County area."
The news rippled through the community concerning the July 30, 1973, brutal death of all three, one a prominent city businessman, the pregnant woman and her daughter. Law enforcement officers from all over descended upon East Liverpool attempting to catch the suspect. With a few witnesses and even fewer leads, the murderer was never apprehended.
For a city unaccustomed to such a heinous crime, the initial news and the follow-up investigation continued for weeks.
Several East Liverpool residents were interviewed including police officers, crime scene photographers and reporters working that day. Mayor Jim Swoger is seen in the introduction.
Former Review reporter Lucille Huston is interviewed and gives her account about what happened that day in 1973.
Current police officers on the East Liverpool force are also interviewed, and the case remains open.
"This film is about a community coming together to help our neighbors find some long-sought answers, and, maybe, find some closure after all these years," Dunlap said
Dunlap, who grew up in Calcutta, has a few other projects underway.
Currently in pre-production is a documentary called "Our War."
Dunlap said the documentary will focus on East Liverpool's involvement in World War II with interviews from local participants, archival footage and photographs.
"If anyone has, or knows of, photos or film footage taken in the East Liverpool area during World War II, or if anyone locally wants to be interviewed for this documentary, they can contact me," Dunlap said.
Also, a feature film called "Ohio vs. the Saucer-men" is in development.
"It's a departure from our documentary films," Dunlap said. "This feature film, set in the 1950s, is planned to have a retro 'B film' sci-fi look. It will be filmed in and around the East Liverpool area and will use local actors, locales and businesses."
Dunlap said he can be reached at his e-mail address.

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