Friday, February 18, 2011

Prosecutor:Jesse Ieropoli admitted ‘accidentally’ shooting mother

February 18, 2011 - By MATTHEW SCHOMER
LISBON - A Lisbon-area man previously hinted to be involved in the 2008 shooting death of his mother has admitted to having accidentally shot his mother, county Prosecutor Robert Herron revealed Thursday in county Municipal Court.
Bond was set at $1 million for Jesse Ieropoli, 20, state Route 45, on a first-degree misdemeanor charge of aggravated menacing. A charge of domestic violence against Ieropoli was dismissed on a motion of the prosecution.
Asked by Judge Mark Frost to clarify whether Ieropoli had admitted to accidentally shooting his mother before her death, Herron responded, "That was the story that was provided at the time."
The county Coroner's Office determined the death of Sherry Ieropoli on Aug. 24, 2008, to be a homicide but the investigation is still pending.
The aggravated menacing charge stems from an incident Tuesday morning in which Ieropoli is accused of saying he would "take out" his father and then "take himself out," according to an affidavit in the case.
His father, Nick Ieropoli, has testified under oath that he is in fear for his life and has filed a restraining order against his son.
"He felt that he could not sleep in his house as long as the defendant was there," the prosecutor said.
Herron noted both the father and son currently reside in the same home at which the mother was shot and killed. However, he noted Jesse Ieropoli cannot return to the home because of the protection order.
Public defense Eric Kibler said Jesse Ieropoli has a grandmother and an aunt on
Chestnut Street who had agreed to take him in. He asked Frost to consider only the matter of the aggravated menacing charge when setting bond.
"We can speculate all we want to about other things extraneous to the matter at hand ... This matter should stand or fall on its own merits," he said.
Frost agreed with Herron's suggestion of the $1 million bond, saying safety is the critical issue at hand.
"I'm not as worried about the defendant fleeing as I am about the risk to the public here," he said.
Herron noted Jesse Ieropoli is unemployed and is not currently attending school.
Kibler, after conferring with Jesse Ieropoli, said he sees no reasons to ask for an evaluation of the defendant's competency.
Jesse Ieropoli will appear again in the court for pretrial at 1 p.m. Thursday. Speedy trial limits in the case have not been waived, so Frost noted the court will need to move along quickly in the matter.

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