Sunday, October 2, 2011

Missing Person.....

Farmer missing

Pickup found on farm tract in Center Twp.

October 2, 2011
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Staff Writer
LISBON - The search is scheduled to resume today for an area farmer who has been missing since Thursday.
Gerald G. Klusch, 71, of U.S. Route 30, was reportedly last seen by one of his farm employees about 1:30 p.m. Thursday. His abandoned pickup was found Friday afternoon by his family off Beacon Light Road in Center Township, which is one of the several tracts of land in the area owned and farmed by Klusch.
"We're working it as a missing persons case at this point," said Detective Alan Young of the Columbiana County Sheriff's Office.
Klusch's son, Ryan, called the sheriff's office at 9:24 a.m. Friday to advise them they had not seen the elder Klusch since the day before. Ryan said he spoke with Matt Bailey, who works for his father, and Bailey told him he was with his father until 1:30 p.m. Thursday. That is when Bailey said Klusch dropped him off at his home on Dungannon Road, which is owned by Klusch.
Attempts to contact Klusch through his two cell phones went straight to voice mail. His 2008 Sierra 4x4 pickup truck had OnStar but the company was unable to trace the vehicle through the GPS device.
The family began searching some of the properties, and they found the truck at the Beacon Light Road location about 3:30 p.m. Friday, according to Detective Andy Sweeney.
Firefighters from the Hanover Volunteer Fire Department searched the property on Friday and were joined by a helicopter. The search-and-rescue organization SRRT arrived on Saturday with search dogs, and the search is scheduled to resume this morning.
Sheriff Ray Stone said they are short on clues at this point, but confirmed what appeared to be some dried blood was found in the truck bed. He cautioned it could very well be from an animal, however, since Klusch is an avid hunter. A sample was taken by agents from the state crime lab, officially known as the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation.
While the property was being searched, Stone said his staff began interviewing Klusch's family and anyone else who may have had contact with him on Thursday. One of those is his wife, Leah Klusch, who implored anyone with information about her missing husband to contact the sheriff's office (330-424-7255).
"We would like anyone who had any contact with Jerry on Thursday at any time" to call, she said. "Right now it looks like he walked off the edge of the earth."
Mrs. Klusch described her husband of 44 years as as a loving and gentle spouse, father and grandfather. "We're just totally baffled. It's an enormous shock to us," she said.
Stone said Klusch had no major medical conditions or any history of going missing. Klusch is described as 6-foot tall, 185 pounds, with brown eyes and grey hair.


Anonymous said...

Never done this before. Feel like Im in one of my dreams and need someone to wake me up.
Jerry, is a very good friend and employer, I miss him so much. He is not missing on his own will. Klusch, was a good man, that loved & respected his family. He respected all of us that worked for him! He respected himself! Never would he hurt anyone for his own goal...He didnt have to! He is not just missing, He was Murdered! God, please give peace and truth to the Klusch family and all of us that was Blessed to have Jerry in our lives & heart.

Anonymous said...

Lets see how our tax money is put to use....Everyone that lives in Columbiana county should be watching and learning what our tax money is paying for.

Anonymous said...

My heart is sick, that it took me losing a good friend to open my eyes! Our county has not NEVER solved a murder or missing person.. OMG

Anonymous said...

I am out raged, that I live in a county with so much land to hide a body... A Murder! however little help for protection, but a lot of goverment and state funding, along with home tax increases, Going into whos pocket? HELLO

Anonymous said...

Gearld Klusch, paid 71 years of his earned money into this county.... FIND HIM..... How many cops salary over those years did he pay?

Anonymous said...

Andy Sweeny, we are watching you! Please keep up your paid...hard work....Thank you! Earn your pay.

Belinda Puchajda said...

I understand your frustration, believe me. I have been there. I am STILL there. I would like to give you an idea of the uphill climb that I have faced since starting CCFHV 6 years ago when my cousin Mike was murdered. The biggest problem in this county is that no one cares until it happens to them. No one wants to get involved. I have gone out into the public trying to raise awareness for 6 years. I have watched places like Angels for Animals receive hundreds of dollars in donations while they sit right next to my booth and we may get $3. What does that tell you? I understand that the animals need help, but we are dealing with human beings here! People still think that every single victim is a drug addict or somehow deserved their fate. It is CRAZY! And as far as Andy Sweeney, I can tell you that he does care but he is also Lead Detective on some 19 of our 26 unsolved cases. Along with this he has to transport prisoners to and from where ever and still even more stupid obligations that keep him away from working on the homicides/missing persons cases. This is why I am pushing so hard to get a Homicide Task Force in our county. This Task Force will allow a group of Detectives leave EVERYTHING else and work exclusively on the homicides/missing persons cases for the 1st 72 hours at least. Nothing else. They will also receive the most up to date training for FREE because we are bringing it to them. (Right now we don't have enough men to work the streets while our Detectives go away for training) It is a HUGE win for our county and I am still meeting with resistance on this from some. I think the anger should be directed at the Commissioners. (Sorry guys) Because they control the money and they decide where that money goes and for whatever reason, they don't loosen the purse strings and make sure that we have the most money available for Law Enforcement! We have 26 unsolved murders and NOW 4 missing persons in this county! It is frustrating! Believe me. I get angry also. a lot. Anyone that knows me will tell you how pissy I get over this. It isn't an important issue. Not to the people that can change it. There are some great Detectives out there and we always have access to the BCI when we ask for their help but people (all citizens in this county) need to get off of their butts and start complaining to the Powers That Be and come forward with whatever information they have. Hiding in a closet while murders are happening, is not the answer because eventually, you know what? It WILL happen to someone they love!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, Oct 20, 2011/ are sadly informed. That law enforcement has never solved a homicide in this county, is untrue. Granted, there are many where charges have not yet been filed, but many of those are not without suspects. Evidence, unlike TV and in novels, is often hard to come by, whether you know who did it or not.

winnshtx said...

Now you know our frustration.
My Son Mike Williams was murdered six years ago - will there ever be justice???? - I seriously doubt it.
I grew up in Columbiana County and thought it was a wonderful place to live. Mike was born in California and I wanted him to live where I grew up. Biggest mistake of my life I brought my Son back there to live and be murdered and no one pays for killing him. The persons are still walking free to live their happy little lives. This makes me very angry.
Mike's Mom

Anonymous said...

The truth is we live in a county with extremely low taxes and very little support for law enforcement. No one wants to admit it but it's true. Our cost of living is extremely LOW compared to other parts of the country. I'm sure our law enforcement WANTS to do a great job and be the heroes but on a shoestring budget? They can barely afford to transport the prisoners they already have to and from prison - but we expect CSI from them? I can't fault individuals I do not know. I can fault a system that is not set up to bring cutting edge homicide detectives and yes, "CSI level investigation" to every "little 'burg" that needs it. Think about it, if an airplane crashes you aren't expected to have your own "Airplane Task Force" standing at the ready to serve the crash scene. They send the FAA to investigate. Yes, in small towns (and townships) all across America we are supposed to believe that hardworking but ultimately undertrained and underfunded police and sheriff departments are expected to stand at the ready for the (blessedly) rare homicide?

Why is there not some State or Federal Criminal Investigation Service that can be mobilized and called in? I mean no disrespect but most of our small town police departments would certainly AGREE that homicide investigation is not exactly their regular stock and trade.

Anonymous said...

Missing Lisbon Man Reward Offered
One Lisbon family is offering a reward to find their father and friend. Get the story.

Anonymous said...

Reward offered for missing man
LISBON - Desperate to know what has happened to their loved one, the family of Gerald George Klusch announced Monday they are offering a $20,000 reward for new information or leads.

Since Klusch's disappearance on about Sept. 29, the county sheriff's department, volunteers, members of the Search Rescue, Recovery and Response and K-9 units have searched the properties owned by Klusch west of Lisbon. A plane flew above his properties on a clear day looking for any signs of Klusch or a disturbance in the area on Oct. 6. A dump area off Lisbon-Dungannon Road was searched. Sheriff's detectives have interviewed Klusch's employee, whom he dropped off at home nearby before he disappeared.

Chief Deputy Allen Haueter said the "splattering" of blood in Klusch's pickup was confirmed as his by the Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation. The white pickup had been found at 3 p.m., Sept. 30, damaged and sitting on his property near Beacon Light Road about six hours after the family had reported Klusch did not come home overnight.

At this point, deputies are hitting dead ends in the investigation.

"We feel bad for the family," Haueter said "Our hearts break for them. We just don't know where to turn anymore. We're hoping this money will bring someone out of the woodwork. Money talks."

The family hopes the person who may know something will not wait too long. They have set a deadline of Dec. 19 for someone to contact Detective Andy Sweeney at the sheriff's department, 424-7255, with any reliable new information leading to the return or location of Klusch.

Leah Klusch, his wife, said she hopes the deadline creates a sense of urgency. She said they hope for any information, someone who saw him that day or remember seeing anything in the area.

His daughter, Katherine Klusch, said she would like to know something before Christmas, adding this in never going to be a good Christmas without her father.

The family members talked about each of their relationships with Gerald Klusch. His son, Ryan, was also his business partner and the two spoke probably daily, according to Leah Klusch. Katherine Klusch, who is 24, had just recently moved back home while she attended school. Leah Klusch said Gerald "was so tickled she was at home."

With emotions welling up, Katherine Klusch pointed out her daddy will not be there to walk her down the aisle one day or to see his future grandchildren.

"It feels like a Law and Order episode," Katherine Klusch said, adding it is one of her favorite shows. "This is what you see on TV. You never think this is going to happen to you or your family. You think your family is invincible."

Ryan Klusch said he would like to encourage anyone who knows anything, who may be holding back information to think about how they would feel to lose a family member and then step forward. Katherine Klusch added it is "scary" to know someone can disappear in broad daylight.

"This is a burden we are carrying as a family and individually," Leah Klusch said. "It's getting heavier and heavier. People don't disappear off the face of the earth. They don't just evaporate."

Additional information about the case is available at a website created by the family or the facebook site

Anonymous said...

I have just read the article on Jerry klusch. And this has prompted me to say my thoughts, about the article and how things really are different. A statement was made how Jerry disappeared in broad daylight well how does anyone know that? He had dropped an employee off at 1:30pm. And the employee told the son that! when the son called him Friday morning to find his father. They also said he didn't come home the night before!! How do they know that? No family members live there. closest one was his daughter who lived at Guilford Lake. If they talk daily then why did no one realize he was missing till 9:00 am Friday. that leaves 19 hr. and 30 minutes give or take a minute or two. And all my life there has been a sunset and a dawn. that person Jerry dropped off has lost a friend and employer, been evicted. I feel this should be brought out in the open because, people need to look at the whole time frame not just the daylight Hrs. so that anyone that seen any think suspicious in this time frame can come forward to help out this family in need.

Anonymous said...

Body found believed to be that of missing man
November 20, 2011
By KATIE SCHWENDEMAN - Staff Writer Morning Journal News

LISBON -A body found by the Columbiana County Sheriff's Office Friday afternoon just outside of Salineville is believed to be that of Lisbon area resident Gerald G. Klusch, 71, who was reported missing by his family Sept. 30.

Sheriff Ray Stone said Detective Andy Sweeney and Klusch's son Ryan located the body on Hazel Run Road at 3:20 p.m.

Sweeney was following up on a lead when he spotted the body near the rural road, Stone said.

It was found about a mile east of the Clarks Mill Road intersection in a rural area with no houses nearby.

Stone said the one lane gravel road did not appear to have been traveled frequently and that there were no fresh tire marks leading to the body. A sign posted along the road indicates it does not receive winter maintenance.

He also said that although the death appears suspicious, nothing unusual was found with the body and that it appeared to have been there for quite some time.

Evidence such as Klusch's credit cards and an identification card were found near the body, however.

"We are 99 percent positive it was him," he said.

The Cuyahoga County Coroner's Office is conducting the autopsy, and the sheriff's department has no "clear-cut" suspects at this time, although deputies are still conducting interviews, he added.

Klusch, who lived on U.S. Route 30 and owned six properties in the area, was reportedly last seen by one of his farm employees around 1:30 p.m. Sept. 29.

His abandoned pickup was found the following afternoon by his family off Beacon Light Road in Center Township, which is one of the several tracts of land in the area owned and farmed by Klusch.

Ryan Klusch called the sheriff's office Sept. 30 to report his father missing. A search immediately ensued, aided by the family, volunteer firefighters from area departments and a local search-and-rescue group.

The search was also assisted by helicopter and on the ground with search dogs.

Earlier this week the family offered a $20,000 reward for new information or leads that would help officials locate him.

Anonymous said...

Klusch death ruled a homicide

January 27, 2012
By DEANNE JOHNSON - Staff Writer , Morning Journal News

LISBON - The death last fall of Gerald Klusch has been officially ruled a homicide, with two gunshot wounds to the head from an undetermined range listed as the cause.

Sheriff Ray Stone said his department has been investigating the case as if it was a homicide since Klusch's disappearance in September. The official ruling will not change the investigation which continues to be ongoing.

Besides continuing to work with family members, Stone said investigators are waiting for results from the Bureau of Criminal Investigation and Identification. The sheriff's department had BCII investigators collect evidence from Klusch's pickup truck, which was found damaged and with blood inside the bed on Beacon Light Road the day after his disappearance. BCII was also given Klusch's clothing which was found with his body, and his wallet, which was found near the body with Klusch's identification and credit cards still inside.

Klusch's body, which was recovered on Nov. 18 in a wooded area off Hazel Run Road near Salineville, had been sent to the coroner's office in Summit County for examination. Following the results from that investigation, Columbiana County Coroner Dr. William Graham signed the death certificate listing homicidal penetrating gunshot wounds (2) of the head as the cause of death.

Klusch, 71, of U.S. Route 30, Lisbon, was last seen alive by his employee Matt Bailey when Klusch dropped Bailey off at his home on Dungannon Road on Sept. 29.