Sunday, July 1, 2012

HBW Wrestling Event

Thank you HBW for making our event yesterday a huge success!
Front page of the Morning Journal and pix on the inside also.

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Christy said...

Hello Belinda, I am so glad your wrestling event was a success. I praise you, your family, and united team-mates for not giving up on all these vicims. You truly are their voice and strength. I admire all that you continue to do. I find myself angry, confused, saddened, and somewhat disturbed by some of the posts and comments from a number of the blogs. I'm sure there are people on your site who know more than what they have said. I'm sure I'll be seeing you soon at the fair- I always come to visit every year. You always remember me too- Criminal Justice talk... :) Please let me know if you ever need anything or any help. I donate every year, but do wish I could do more. Take care and keep on doing everything you do. We will see you very soon!