Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Man bound over on murder charge, remains in Stark jail on $1 million bond

July 17, 2012
By DEANNE JOHNSON - Staff Writer (djohnson@mojonews.com) , Morning Journal News
ALLIANCE - Randy Ring, the Knox Township man accused of murdering his girlfriend last week, told investigators he strangled her with his hands, according to Alliance Patrolman Roy W. Tittle.
Tittle testified at a preliminary hearing for Ring Monday morning in Alliance Municipal Court before Judge Robert G. Lavery. Bond was continued at $1 million cash or surety and Ring was bound over to the Stark County Common Pleas Court grand jury.
Tittle was one of the first to arrive in the early morning hours of July 10 at the apartment of Willa J. Taylor-Hillman, 48, 25 Arch Ave.
Tittle testified he found Taylor-Hillman face up in the center of the bed without a pulse. Despite police trying life-saving techniques and the efforts of paramedics, who arrived shortly after police, Taylor-Hillman did not survive.
Tittle said she had petechiae in her eyes, which are marks in the eyes from burst capillaries, a sign of strangulation. However, he also testified she had no marks on her neck and there really was no sign of a struggle. He said he saw several household objects including nearby electrical cords which could have been used to strangle someone.
As Ring had told a dispatcher when he called police, he reportedly told police he had strangled his girlfriend. Tittle said Ring was "sparse" about providing police with the details, except he reportedly said that he had strangled her with his hands. He described Ring as "very calm" and seemingly only concerned about how excessively he felt he was being treated when police placed him in handcuffs.
Ring, 58, Hartley Road, Alliance, appeared in the courtroom in a Stark County Jail red jumpsuit with a walker. Tittle said Ring told police he had a broken foot and had some trouble getting around.
Police kept him seated on the balcony of the apartment, while they worked on Taylor-Hillman and investigated her death. Tittle additionally described Ring as intoxicated, but said they got his statement immediately because he said he understood what was going on and his speech was clear.
Police also spoke to a neighbor, Wilma Roach, who lived in the next apartment south of Taylor-Hillman. She reportedly told police she was watching television on a couch next to a wall. On the other side of the wall was the headboard of Taylor-Hillman's bed. Roach reportedly told Tittle she heard a thumping on the wall behind her, which she demonstrated by making three thumps on the table.
Roach also reported she could hear Taylor-Hillman's dog and the radio, which she felt was up too loud. Tittle said Roach was on her way to tell her neighbor to keep it down when police arrived.
The sheets, pillows and blankets were moved around on the bed and there were some beer cans scattered on the table and in the sink, but Tittle testified there was really no sign of a struggle.
Before her death, Ring was already facing a felony domestic violence charge in Columbiana County for allegedly shoving Taylor-Hillman to the ground in June. While awaiting that case to be heard by the grand jury, Ring was released on a $25,000 recognizance bond with the condition that he stay away from his girlfriend.

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