Friday, September 28, 2012

Unsolved Murders Ohio Attorney Generals Website

The following letter went out to all media sources and Law Enforcement in Ohio.. 
This is a wonderful thing especially for all of the victims and their families. 
It is yet another tool for people to use to submit tips on our cases. 
I hope that each and every Police Department will submit their cases to the Attorney Generals Office ASAP. 
Go to the AG website and have a look around. 
Tons and tons of info for victims of crime.
It is a great day for VICTIMS!!!  

Dear Colleague,

Today, I announced plans to focus more attention and more resources on Ohio's unsolved homicides.  Our intent is to help law enforcement agencies around the state bring justice and closure to as many "cold-case" homicide victims and their families as possible.

This letter has two main purposes.  First, I want you to be aware that media coverage of our press conference may spike the number of phone calls, emails, and in-person visits your agency receives regarding unsolved homicides.  And second, I want to encourage you to list your unsolved homicide cases on my Attorney General Office website and utilize BCI's resources to help solve them.

FBI statistics peg the number of Ohio's unsolved homicide cases at 5,153.  Yet today, our webpage for unsolved homicides lists only 166 cases.  Our goal is to get as much information as possible about Ohio's unsolved homicides in one place, and for that, we are counting on your help.

Our BCI experts are available and ready to assist you with your own unsolved homicide cases. For example,

  • Our Special Investigations Unit (SIU) can review cases, assist with interviews, and provide follow-up support;
  • Our Crime Scene Unit (CSU) can identify evidence for submission to the lab;
  • Our Laboratory Division collects and analyzes DNA and other forensic evidence;
  • Our Criminal Intelligence Unit (CIU) can digitize and preserve case files; and
  • Our Cyber Crimes Unit can examine electronic devices like phones or laptops.

We also plan to feature one Ohio Unsolved Homicide case each month on our website in an effort to increase public awareness and prompt anyone with pertinent information to come forward.  Our BCI tip line (855-BCI-OHIO) already receives tips every day regarding unsolved homicides.  All tips that come to us are forwarded to the original investigating agency.  And, we plan to offer Ohio Unsolved Homicides Symposiums to the law enforcement community across the state beginning in 2013.

Forwarding your unsolved homicide cases to the Ohio Attorney General's Office is a voluntary process.  If you want more information, or if you would like your agency to be included in the BCI statewide database, call BCI at 855-BCI-OHIO, email, or visit

Thank you for all you do in our shared mission to protect Ohio's families and children.

Very respectfully yours,

Mike DeWine
Ohio Attorney General

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dalton springer of eastliverpool ohio was my daughter morgans brother..i think this should be re investagated...