Monday, January 7, 2013

Anonymous Group

Agree or disagree with their methods, Anonymous is getting it done!!!

Steubenville, Ohio ---

Approximately 150 people showed up in support of the Operation Roll Red Roll protest in downtown Steubenville.

They gathered in support of a teenage girl who is involved in the Steubenville teen-rape investigation.

People were armed with signs, some with the anonymous masks gathered around the Jefferson cCounty Courthouse.

NEWS9 watched them chant from across the street, and then made our way into the crowd.

Some were not happy to see our cameras, saying they're not happy with the way we've covered the case.

"You guys touched certain aspects, and you didn't touch others," said one protester. "What aspects sir? I really would like to hear that -- we've covered the facts," said NEWS9's Natalie Herbick.

"If it was any other school you'd still be covering it," said the protester.

"We are still covering it right now," said Herbick.

"You've done bits and pieces, I've never seen any detail," said the protester.

Armed with words, others wanted their message to be loud and clear.

"We want justice for the girl. We're here to support the victim and we're giving her a voice finally. That's what we're here for," said a second protester.

"There was the football players' side of the story, not hers. We wanted to present her side of the story, and yes I guess it did take some illegal activity to get that out, be out there, but I'm willing to have a little bit of unethical treatment if the rest of us are going to be treated unethically as well, said a third protester. "This town needs enema and we're going to be the ones that do it."

People said they felt kidnapping charges against two Steubenville High School athletes shouldn't have been dropped. Others were unhappy with the fact that more aren't facing charges, others singled out the football team as the problem.

"I've been out here for about a year now. I grew up here and went to Central and Big Red. The football players are going to do what they want as long as you got a winning season," said David Murtaugh.

"I support their ability to do what they're doing over there, but I don't think it's right to indict an entire community over something that happened. Everybody here on this side of the street, we're against rape and we feel whoever did it and who's ever involved should go to jail. But when you indict a whole football team a whole school, a whole community, I think it's wrong. A lot of the stuff that's been said is speculation. And until you can prove something, I don't think you should. You shouldn't state it, and you should at least say who you are when you do state it," said Joe Scalise.

The Operation Roll Red Roll protest may have been peaceful, but it was anything but silent.

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