Saturday, January 12, 2013

My Thoughts on "Anonymous"

People have asked me why I would show support of a vigilante group that breaks the law by illegally hacking and who goes after police and politicians. 
Let me help you understand.

Obviously I have many friends both in law enforcement and in the political field. I have known some of these people for years and believe that they are good people. 
I have fought for the VICTIMS in Columbiana County for close to 6 years and have always believed that they (and their families) deserve justice. 
Working at events, year after year after year and listening to the public I have learned a thing or two. 
One point is that the general feeling (at least with murder victims) is that people DO NOT want to get involved. They would much rather go about their daily lives pretending all is well with the world. Some sympathize, some make absolutely ignorant remarks, some blame ALL police departments, but most do not care.
If you look to the right on my website you will see 2 quotes. I believe both to be true and have had them on here for at least 2 years. 
People DO NOT care until it happens to them or someone they love.
Somewhere along the line, people have connected "Victim" with "Guilty" 

It is VERY difficult for people to work in my booth because of this. Family members have to endure the jerks of society attacking someone they love because they have no idea what it feels like to be in this situation. 
When CCFHV 1st started out, it was so aggravating to try to make people understand. We needed their help. We STILL need their help. Someone knows something about every single one of our victims and for whatever reason, they remain silent. 
I have always believed in the "Strength in numbers" theory and that is what Anonymous does. 
No single person gets one is a "Superstar" they work with everyone and make sure that the victims are not forgotten. 

Some facts that you may not know about Anonymous

They have successfully taken down such low lives as The Westboro Church, who were a small group of radicals protesting at Military funerals and threatened to protest at the victims of the Connecticut shootings funerals. They protested simply for the fun of protesting and hoping to get their 15 minutes of fame by doing so. Westboro had no remorse for the victims or their families.

Another situation where Anonymous became involved was Amanda Todd, who commited suicide. They exposed the guy that caused her to take her own life.

Hbgary was a security company hired by the government to protect files. They made a threat to anons and in response they were hacked and the ceo was forced to resign.Hbgary were trying to censor what you can see on the internet. 

The corrupt government of Egypt.  

And more recently the Stuebenville Rape Case. 
I will tell you all a little story about this one. 
Many years ago, I was very close to someone that was brutally raped and beaten. She (like so many others) did not come forward. She hid herself away and told very few people about what had happened to her. I am still very close to her and here are some things that maybe people don't realize about a VICTIM of any kind.
She has serious TRUST issues and has to this day only shared what happened to her to about 4 people. She STILL(after almost 30 years) battles with night terrors and depression, she is obsessive about the well being and safety of her friends and family, she has intimacy issues, is very good at hiding her true feelings, and is afraid all of the time. 
When asked the simple question "Why didn't u come forward or press charges?" her response??? "Because I was wearing a short shirt that day and I didn't want to put my family threw it."

Now, as sad as that is true. 
Time and time again, the VICTIM (whether it is rape, homicide, etc.) is made to feel like she/he did something wrong!!! 

The Steubenville case would have been another of these situations where nothing is done and no one was punished except the victim. 
My heart really goes out to this young girl. I have seen the long term effects of this and other crimes and believe me when I say that she will NEVER, EVER be the same. Her life has changed forever and why in the world should she have to live with the fact that the ones that did this to her are free and going on as if nothing ever happened??
So yes, I applaud Anonymous on this one. She TRIED to do the right thing. She came forward. She mustered up incredible courage and came forward only to be told by those sworn to protect her to hush up about and discouraged from making it public.
Anonymous is HER voice. She remains anonymous. (as she should)

I will ALWAYS support the efforts of someone raising awareness on the victim!!!! 

As for Anonymous coming to Columbiana County, I support that as well. 
They have been able to do in one visit to Steubenville more than I have been able to do in 6+ years of being out in the public. 
As for the political end, I do not know all of the facts except what is public. I do know that they tried to discourage this young girl from going public, I do know that she was let down by the very system put in place to protect her and I do know that this case is getting National attention and for ONCE.....people may understand what a victim actually is. 
No one innocent has EVER been targeted by Anonymous. They don't rely on gossip or unconfirmed reports. 
IF they are coming here, they have PROOF of some wrong-doing by someone. They ONLY care about the victims and their families and making sure that when people are employed to do a job to protect innocent people, whether it is the public, elderly, rape or homicide victims, minor children, military, etc.) They come to provide "Strength in numbers" and if someone is getting paid to protect and they are NOT doing that, they have no business being there. 
It isn't a "Witch Hunt" people! It is an answer. It is a chance to get on board and stand up for what is right. It is TIME!                              


Soni said...

I stand behind them 110%. I to have learned more in the last month than the almost year and a half I have been fighting as well as helping to try to get Justice for Holly. People everywhere are hoping they come here. I also hope that when they do come all arrest are made inHolly's case. Leaving me to help in other area's ....many in fact. Well written article Belinda.

Anonymous said...

I want to thank you for your article. You have spoken the truth very well. I too believe that "Annonymous" was here to help. I live down here in Stuebenville, so I see just want is going on and being said. that poor girl is going through Hell. I've heard "Big Red" supporters call her all kinds of names and tell anyone who will lisen," that lil whore brought it on herself now she's going to ruin those boys lives" as you said what about her life. She has to liv with what they did to her and the fact that so many people seen it. PLease keep up the good work you do at the "CCFHV" God bless you & all you help.