Thursday, May 1, 2008

Tim Cline

Tim's body was discovered on April 27, 1973, from The Hocking River near Guysville, 10 days after his 1967 Camaro was found on the South side of Route 50. The body was approx. 10 miles from the vehicle. Tim's brother Mark has recently been able to have his brothers death ruled suspicious instead of accidental and his case has been re-opened. Anyone with any information is urged to contact either Mark Cline @ 330-532-1157 or Thomas Edgell @330-532-6000.


Anonymous said...

another one forgotten

Anonymous said...

There is not one name on our list that we have forgotten anything about. Their families know it. The public knows it (except you above.) and the victims know it. It would have been nice for you to let us know who you are so we could properly address what ever you think is wrong with what we are doing. As far as I am concerned, we are doing everything right.