Saturday, July 12, 2008

Terry Ballard

Terry Ballard was born September 7th, 1976. My mother delivered him prematurely in the 7th month. I am blessed that my mother and brother both survived the delivery. When asked, who do you choose to live, my mother said her unborn child.
Terry was the middle of 5 children, 3 boys and 2 girls. He lived in Cleveland and attended a Catholic school through elementery. He was an alter boy at St. Stephen's Church. He was only 13 years old when he lost his father, also named Terry Ballard, on Friday, April 13th, 1990 to murder.
Our mother decided to move us to New Waterford to get away from the city and crime following our father's death. The sad truth is that not even the small town could hide Terry from the black cloud that would return to haunt our family.
Terry was borderline mentally retarded, but he had a great personality, manners, big dreams and was a very hard worker.
He was so vulnerable to big plans others had made for him.
On September 21, 1995, my brother was picked up by a friend from his home on Crestview Rd in New Waterford.
He would never be seen again by his family or friends.
He had just turned 19 September 7th,
three weeks later, I was watching the news, when I saw somebody had been found dead. With the outline of a murder victim in the upper right hand corner, it was stated foul play suspected as the highly decomposed body was found at BFI, the local dump in East Palestine. I flipped the stations and seen it 2 more times. It was as if I knew.
Minutes later, my brother pulled up in front of my house. I collapsed in my doorway. Not again! Not Terry!
My mother could be quoted in saying "When my husband died, I lost a peice of my heart..When my son Terry died, it was if somebody ripped my heart out and severed a limb."
She is totally devistated to this day as well as the rest of my siblings and family.
It was later determined that Terry died from multiple stab wounds. He was identified only by a peice of tatoo that was suppose to read "Mom & Dad" in a heart.
He was buried on Friday, October 13th, 1995. (exactly 5 1/2 years after our father).
Father killed on Friday the 13th and son buried on Friday the 13th.
There are several suspects in the case. Each and every one of them Terry considered his friend.
Please show your friendship to him now and come forward with the truth.
We beg you.
Let my brother rest in peace.
Help our mother begin to heal.

Please conatct the Columbiana County Sheriff's Dept with any info. (330) 424-7255.


Michelle said...

Thank you so much. I'm sitting here thinking how did I come in contact with such wonderful people. It's nice to know somebody else really cares. Seeing this posted brings tears to my eyes because it keeps our hopes alive.

jessica said...

i think this is really a great idea! linda and angel were my cousins i never met them though.

winnshtx said...

What a nice looking young man your Son Terry was.
I am so sorry for your loss - a Mother never forgets how her heart was ripped out by some cruel evil persons.
I am Mike Williams's Mom and I grieve for my Son everyday.
God Bless You
Mike's Mom

Suzanne medvec said...

What a horrible tragedy, such a nice looking young man, with his whole life ahead of him... so sad that your entire family had to suffer through such a horrific loss... My thoughts are with you all... always, for your own healing, and for the long over due justice, that Terry and your family deserve...
Suzanne Medvec and Family

Tiffany Ballard said...

This is such a horrible and sad story .It is not right that someone decided to take the life of Terry Ballard , a young man who had his whole life ahead of him . All i have ever heard mentioned about Terry was that he was a big hearted guy who loved his family , and he had a lot of positive energy . It is so sad that justice has not been served for Terry and his family .

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

my heart gose out to your family I hope you get the closer in this unsloved mistery someone knows something your not forgotten...

Michelle said...

Dear Anonymous,
Whoever you are, I have a feeling you probably know who I am. I just want to say thank you. There are days when all I can think about is my little brother. I know this can be solved and so do a lot of other people. Its just that everyone involved was so young and I believe they think their life will be over if one of them comes forward. The truth is that the one that does come forward will have mercy. I have actually forgiven all involved not knowing exactly who they are. That is a very hard thing to do. I don't hold a grudge. Im not the one to judge. The only thing I ask is that my brother can rest in peace. When that happens, our hearts can begin to heal, and the nightmares we have will begin to fade. I will still cry because I miss him and can only imagine the pain he went through. But the truth shall set us all free. Please talk about what happened. I know these guys have to have guilty conciences. Once they tell the truth, they will be able to sleep at night too.

Michelle said...

On the front page of the Morning Journal on Sunday August 24, 2008, was a picture of me crying. At first I was embarassed that I was caught at such a vulnerable state. It just hit me. Its so hard. It didn't take long before I realized that this was a good thing. My brothers name was on the front page. His story was talked about all over the county and hopefully his friends can see how much pain we are still in and stop hiding from the truth.

Terry's Mom said...


Down the stairs he descended, with his voice he exclaimed
"Happy Birthday Mom I'm sorry I'm late"
A peck on the cheek and a warm brief snuggle, interrupted by the phone as it echoed through the foyer.
He sprang to his feet to answer the phone. "Yes" he exclaimed and up the stairs he arose.
Scurrying about up in his room, drawers opening and shutting, feet scuffling too.
It was still for a moment and then I could hear
The sound of car tires approaching the rear.
With a leap and a bound he descended the stairs
"I'll be back after while don't worry I will"
Without hesitation the blazer took off; to the top of the drive and then headed out.
Minutes to hours, hours to days, my heart began aching, to hear his voice say "I'm home Mom; everything's ok"
But on what seemed a beautiful day, the reflection of a car fell across my face.
Three visitors stopped to give me the news.
Your son's gone home, your worrying is through.

Dedication: My son, Terry Ballard
By Maria F. King

Michelle said...

Its 13 years today since Terry left home and never came back. We are still waiting. I miss you Terry!

michelle said...

i was just a kid and i remember terry bringing his younger brother and sister to my house and visiting he really was a great person helping anyone out its sad that things like this happen to the good people terry, i just want to let you know you will always be remembered for being the generous person that you were and you are missed by many

Michelle said...

13 is and unlucky number to my family. My father murdered on Friday the 13th, and my little brother Terry buried on friday the 13th. We are now in the 13th year since his murder. Somebody please help turn this around. Do it anonymously. Just lead the sheriffs department in the right direction. PLEASE.

Michelle said...

Today is my mothers birthday and tomorrow is the anniversary of my brother Terrys death. 14 years, and still no answers. What a horrible thing for my mom to have to deal with. A day she should be able to celebrate, is a day that floods her with the memories of a son, whos life fell short, due to the cold heartedness of his own friends. I would never wish what we have gone through even on them. Its that lump in your throat and that knot in your chest, that burns and takes your breath away. That feeling of sadness that consumes your whole being, waiting for an answer, and imagining the pain and torture Terry went through. His cries for help were never heard. I love him with all my heart. I will never give up hope. And I encourage everyone to cherish and make known the love you have for your family and friends. You dont want to be left with regrets. I never would have guessed the morning of September 21st, 1995, would be the last time I would get to talk to my brother. And never in a million years would I have guessed it would take 14 years, and still no answers.

Michelle said...

Happy New Years! Maybe this year will bring resolution.

Anonymous said...

I don't mean to come to this page an mark it up in any way. I feel for your loss I really do. I can't see how these group of guy's can go on with they're lives knowing what they did. It will all catch up to them in the end. I've heard stories much like we've all heard stories an I can only pray that the cops get up off they're butts an finally bring down Nick Hoon Shane McCowin an Ron Simpson for this. One has already gotten they're justice an that was Charlie McKinnon. People can turn they're heads an look down an be in disbelief, but you know what's the truth. Those 3 boys who are left need to serve time an get the justice they deserve. People talk i've heard all the stories everyone needs to stop over looking them an put the remaining of those horrible worthless people away an behind bars where they deserve to be!

Michelle said...

It keeps hope alive to know that, after 15 years, people are still talking about my brothers case. One day the right person will come forward, and that person we will be truelly grateful too. Somebody has the key to this case and hopefully the maturity to do the right thing with it. Who ever anonymous is, please keep talking to others about it. You are not marking up this page. Justice will be served.

Michelle said...

Happy 34th Birthday Terry:(

Anonymous said...

There hasnt been a October that goes by that I havent thought about Terry.We went to school together.And we were friends out of school.My heart still aches for you and your family.Just want you to know that Terry and your family are still in my thoughts and prayers.

Michelle said...

Still patiently waiting for justice....It will come!

Reddog said...

hi michelle this is reddog. i dont know if you remember me. i use to live with your mom and j.k. and worked at the loft.i still very very upset that this has never been settled. i did some annoucing at the columbiana county fair this year and i brought up terry's name and tried to build tried to build support for c.c.f.h.v. wish we could hang banners around new waterford to make people remember. i will never stop fighting for terry and i miss him to this day. give your mom my blessing and i think of terry everyday. i will conitune to fight for terry.

Michelle said...

Red, I do remember you! Thank you so much:) Its so ironic that I am finding this comment on Terry's Birthday. He would have been 35 today. I will let my mom know. You really just made my day!!

Michelle said...

16 years ago today I went looking for my brother at East Palestine Park because he was supposed to have come to my house and never showed up. Before I could make it to the stop sign by the pool a certain one of his friends came running up to me asking me if I had seen him and without getting into details, said he hadnt seen him in a while. It still plagues my mind. I had last talked to Terry the day before when he called me and wanted a ride. Sometimes I think that had I just picked him up from my moms he could have hung out at my house for a while and none of this would have happened. Well, here we are again, a few more stories closer to the truth. Well, we know what the truth is, just not all the details. But there is someone out there that does. Actually, a lot of someones. Its sad to know that none of you have enough balls to speak up and set the record straight. Instead, you all just hide behind tears and stories. Just want you to know that you are just as guilty and evil as the ones that killed him. Dont call yourselves his friend. His friends would have spoke up and if they were there would have protected him. Ironic huh. Just do something about it.

Michelle said...

Its hard to believe how much time has past since we lost you. Brittany was getting ready to turn 2 and today Im sitting here with her applying to college... Brandon has joined the Navy, Brooke is all grown up. Blair is 13 and you never got to meet her... nor my 3 step-daughters and new husband. My life has continually gotten better yet yours ended so abrupt and violently. My heart still aches... Love and miss you,

Anonymous said...

Was it the friend who picked him up who had something to do with it? Disgusting it's been that long and still no arrests?

Anonymous said...

I was 10 years old when this happened to my cousin
I remember the funeral. Me and terry had a good friendship he use to show me tricks on his bicycle in the gravel dirt driveway . There was one time where he gave me 25 cent. And 25 cent for a kid my age was a big deal back then and meant alot to me. terry was a great cousin/friend/bestfriend everytime i visited when i was younger terry was always there as a friend to me always happy wanted to share his creative ideas. He even wanted to learn guitar he started out on an acoustic and first song he learned was "simple man" we use to play hide and seek together but terry would always fool me and let me hide and he go in the house and sit there watching tv. And than come yell for me in the backyard when its about dark outside thats "true cousin love" yes it is
I wish today that terry was still here maybe we could of did things on a dirt bike and got to know each other better well terry you are missed cousin. Youll never be forgotten

Love your cousin

Michelle said...

Thinking of my brother and not giving up hope!!

Anonymous said...

I had just bought my home on Jimtown when this happened, so tragic. There were several young men who died with in a year or so.Prayers to your family and the others.

Krissy said...

Sharing this on my fb page and Praying that God pierces the heart of those that hold the key <3 People come into our live at the right time it's part of his plan. Good always win at the end and Jesus died for us to be forgiven but to be forgiven we must ask for forgiveness and part of that means that we must acknowledge what we have done wrong and come forward! If anyone reading this can do anything to help NOW IS THE TIME TO DO IT <3. Put yourself in their place and listen to GOD.