Tuesday, June 2, 2009

June Missing Persons

The month of June is very important to The CCFHV.
All 3 of our missing people all disappeared in the month of June.
Louise Davis (center) disappeared on June 21, 1979, Tracy Hill (right) disappeared on June 7, 2001, and Gene Lysle (left) disappeared on June 13, 2004.

We are in the process of trying to put together a memorial service for June 27th for all three at the site where Debbie Taylor and her 2 children were killed in the only other triple homicide in East Liverpool along with the Tweed/Morris murders.
I will post more details as I get them confirmed and hope that you will all come out to show your support for these families.

Please, take a look at these 3 pictures and if you have any information, please come forward. These families need your help!!


Anonymous said...

Are you sure that you have the location of these murders correct? I seem to think these murders took place on a corner just up from the Tweed store, going towards Calcutta direction. And then afterwards, they tore the house down. Check on this.

Belinda Puchajda said...

Actually, what I believe I said was that is the site where debbie and her kids were killed. I wasn't implying that the site was of both murders. Debbie Taylors' house is just an empty lot now. It overlooks the Tweed store and the Tweed/Morris murders are the only other triple homicide in East Liverpool. We are going to try to have the service on the site of the vacant lot.

Anonymous said...

Debbie Taylor's house was on the corner just up from Tweeds store on the same side of the street but just a few houses away, and it was torn down. Check on this. I have seen stories saying that Debbie lived going up the side street by Italo's and that is not what I recall. Check on this.

Anonymous said...

Belinda is correct! My aunt's house was where that empty lot is .

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous person debating about where my aunts house is!

Just to let you know she is not forgotten and neither are those kids.The child that survived is living what has always been a hard life for him with the grandmother who has raised him to never forget her and a father who ran off because he didnt wanna raise him without her and his name is Kenneth Ray Taylor. She has a niece who is named after her and a niece who will never be able to forget her or the whole tragedy because she is the child of the man who did it and is being raised by the mother who lives with the memory of it every time she looks at her always having to tell her child that she grew up without her father because he killed her aunt and two cousins.I feel that there should be some kind of memorial site allowed to be put there instead of an empty parking lot that matches the empty holes in our family's hearts where her and those 2 babies use to be.Who knows maybe the same man commited the Tweed murders too,debate over that with someone!

Anonymous said...

Keep up the wonderful work Belinda!

Anonymous said...

No debate needed. I just wanted to make sure that Belinda had the correct spot of the murders.
Thanks for all the you do CCVH