Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Missing Man from East Liverpool!

The following is a new story. Please come forward if you have any info!

Mother Pleads For Help Finding Mentally Disabled Son

Posted: 11:13 am EDT July 8, 2009Updated: 12:29 pm EDT July 8, 2009

A Columbiana County mother is pleading for her son's safe return while police across the tri-state area search for him.The missing man, 31-year-old Delbert Hall, is mentally disabled."He can barely read, barely spell. He doesn't know his address or phone number," said Hall's mother, Sharon Kidder.Kidder said last saw him when she dropped him off at Pittsburgh International Airport, where he flew to Georgia to see his father.Kidder said Hall's father sent him home early on Saturday but did not tell her."He was there all night and I didn't even know he was in," Kidder said.On Sunday, Hall tried getting on a flight back to Georgia. It is not clear what happened from there, but investigators said sheriff's deputies asked Hall to leave the Pittsburgh airport."He was so confused, scared, lost and didn't know what to tell them," Kidder said.She said Hall doesn't like people to know he has a disability and will try to hide it.To her son, she said, "Delbert, if you are out there, go to the nearest police station. Tell them who you are and they'll get you home."Anyone with information is asked to call the NEWS9 Crimebusters Tipline at 800-862-BUST.
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