Friday, November 13, 2020

 Since the onset of Covid-19 into our lives and with the shutdowns that followed, the world of Podcasting has taken off and it seems that everyone has gotten into the game.

That being said, they can be powerful communication tools when you need to hear the whole story about those who were taken too early from this world.

This podcast is about Michael Williams - click the highlighted link below.

The Story of Michael Williams

Thursday, November 12, 2020

The lack of resources to solve these unsolved murders in Columbiana County, which includes people and money have constantly hindered the ability to close these cases. Its truly a shame because many families want closure.

Never forget those who are gone and the justice their families seek.

These are the names of the current UNSOLVED murders in Columbiana County. These VICTIMS have been forgotten by people here or are not important enough to warrant justice. These are their names, dates and the Prosecutor only and are a matter of public record.

Gregory Mustric: April 9, 1973 - Prosecutor: Joseph Baronzzi

Mary Moga: April 9,1973 - Prosecutor: Joseph Baronzzi

Delbert Baumgarner: October 11, 1969 - Prosecutor: J. Warren Bettis.

James Brenneman: May 5, 1971 - Prosecutor: William Brokaw.

Linda Morris: July 30, 1973 - Prosecutor: Joseph Baronzzi.

Angela Morris: July 30, 1973 - Prosecutor: Joseph Baronzzi.

Earl Tweed: July 30, 1973 - Prosecutor: Joseph Baronzzi.

Frank Daniels: September 7, 1974 - Prosecutor: Joseph Baronzzi.

Irvin Keefer:  January 14, 1976 - Prosecutor: Joseph Baronzzi.

Louise Davis: ( missing) June 21, 1979 - Prosecutor-Bob Herron.

Dick Hubbard: June 6, 1886 - Prosecutor: Bob Herron.

Bruce Burton: April 18, 1988 - Prosecutor: Bob Herron.

Terry Ballard:  September 21, 1996 - Prosecutor: Bob Herron.

James Anthony:  January 27, 1996 - Prosecutor: Bob Herron.

Dick Altomare: September 19, 1999 - Prosecutor: Bob Herron.

Joey Gilmore: October 24, 2000 - Prosecutor: Bob Herron.

Dalton Springer: November 17, 2000 -  Prosecutor: Bob Herron.

Tracy Hill: ( missing): June 7, 2001 - Prosecutor: Bob Herron.

Craig Roberts: August 26, 2002 - Prosecutor: Bob Herron.

Walter Valentine: February 24, 2003 - Prosecutor: Bob Herron.

Jamie Huffman: May 9, 2004 - Prosecutor: Bob Herron.

Gene Lysle: June 13, 2004- Prosecutor: Bob Herron.

Michael Williams: August 30, 2005 - Prosecutor: Bob Herron.

Charlie McKinnon: December 15, 2006 - Prosecutor: Bob Herron.

Sherry Ieropoli: August 25, 2008 - Prosecutor: Bob Herron.

Christopher Joy Jr.: March 16, 2009 - Prosecutor: Bob Herron.

Ardes Bauman: October 25, 2010 - Prosecutor: Bob Herron.

Tim Wamsley: July 19, 2013 - Prosecutor: Bob Herron.

Say their names - somebody knows something!

Sunday, November 20, 2016

759 Dresden Movie Premire

This is going to be awesome! I hope all of my friends will come, especially any CCFHV family members.
Mark your Calender's!
I would LOVE for all family members to be there and available for questions ( only if you want) it will be a great opportunity to be the voice for our victims!

A Special Screening of 759 Dresden and The Last Run of Pretty Boy Floyd.
Join us at the Main Street Theater in Columbiana Ohio at 5:00pm on December 18th for a special charity screening of the documentary 759 Dresden about unsolved homicides in Columbiana County Ohio, followed at 7:00pm by a holiday screening of the documentary The Last Run of Pretty Boy Floyd.  Proceeds from the first show will go to the Help Hotline Crisis Center.  Belinda Puchajda of the Help Hotline and Columbiana County Victims of Homicide, Officer Kelsey Hedrick, and others, will be there to answer questions after the first show.  Historians Kelsey Hedrick and Tim Brookes will answer questions after the Pretty Boy Floyd documentary.  Doors open at 4:00pm for the first show and at 6:30pm for the second show.  Tickets are $3.00 for 759 Dresden and $10.00 for Floyd.  Tickets are available at the door or online at
Main Street Theater, 5 North Main Street, Columbiana, Ohio
We strongly recommend you purchase tickets in advance as both first showings of the The Last Run of Pretty Boy Floyd were sold out and we do not know when, or if, either film will be shown again.  (NOTE: 759 Dresden will not be available on DVD and we don't have a DVD release date for The Last Run of Pretty Boy Floyd yet so this may be the last time both films will be available for a quite some time.)

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Thursday, August 18, 2016

I came across this wonderful organization that fights for victims of sexual assault. Please get involved, repost, retweet, etc.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Michelle Ballard posted this yesterday on my facebook page. Please come forward if you know something about Terry.

September 21st. Terry would turn 40 years old. Keeping the faith. Justice will prevail! Thank you Belinda Puchajda for devoting your life to families like mine. For turning your heartache for the loss of your cousin Mike into a movement to help all of us.๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ’•
Columbiana County Families of Homicide Victims - Missing and Murdered Because "Why?" Matters “Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are.” ― Benjamin Franklin

Saturday, July 9, 2016

I don't understand why everything horrible comes down to race. It is not a race issue people! Black lives matter, blue lives matter, all lives matter. The problem isn't race. It is that people are raised with NO morals and have a ridiculous sense of entitlement. There are no consequences. The girl working at the local coffee shop's life is just as important as a Hollywood celebrity. They both have a purpose. They both have families that love them. The media spews hatred by interviewing someone like Al Sharpton everytime there is a death that involves a white man killing a black man. Who cares what Al Sharpton thinks?? We all KNOW what he thinks. He wants only to fuel hatred and the media helps him. His opinion is no more important than anyone else's. As for the police....Let me try to explain this a little bit to those that do not get it. The police are Law E*N*F*O*R*C*E*M*E*N*T Officers. It's in their title. Their job is to "enforce" the law. You don't have to like don't have to agree but their title commands respect and they deserve it. If a police officer tells you to "get on the ground, smile, and sing the theme to The Lion King", get on the ground, smile and sing the theme to the Lion King!! You do NOT resist. You do NOT start bitching about your rights.( you do that in court) You do NOT pull out your gun! Newsflash....they also have guns and they WILL shoot you if they feel you are a danger to them or the public. WTF is wrong with people??? I am not saying that every cop is good. They are human. And just like all of these people killing others, they have ugly hearts, they are selfish, and hide behind some made up #hashtag as an excuse to be violent. NORMAL PEOPLE DON'T GO AROUND KILLING PEOPLE!! Normal people do not shoot at the police for no reason. Normal people don't shoot someone because of the color of their skin or because of who they choose to love. These are "Nutjobs" with their own agenda. Can't you see that? You cannot watch a 5 second video clip that someone posted and KNOW exactly what happened. That is for a jury to decide. Does anyone truely care about the victims? There is no way that that jackoff from Ferguson that was burning buildings, breaking windows and flipping cars over in his own hometown gave a crap about the victim. He was using that situation to further his own agenda. And...he did NOT represent all of Fergason either. It wasn't a town against the world senerio. It isn't about RACE! It is about nutjobs that want to be violent! It isn't a need for better "gun control" either. It is about a nutjob that wants to be violent. There are millions of gun owners that DO NOT go around shooting people. I'd like to shoot all the morons in this country, but do i do that? NO!! Because I am normal. And...I would probably run out of bullets...Please STOP segregating people into neat little packages. It is NOT a race IS a human thing. We should all be banding together at this time...not segregating ourselves into nice little groups. Come together and stop blaming these situations on anything other than what they are.
End rant...

Friday, June 24, 2016

Justice for Mike!

Repost from a Random Thought in 2010

6 years ago, Belinda had so many things going through her mind that she just had to type them down. This post is the re-post of her feelings at that time.
 I have spent the better part of last week out looking for donations for the spaghetti dinner. Today, I went alone. I was just going about my morning very pleased with how things were going. I went to business after business, carrying my notebook with Mike's billboard picture on the front cover. A constant reminder of why I am doing this. I go through my routine, telling the story over and over of why I am doing this. Why this mission is so important to me. Why these 30 victims and their families matter. I do my thing and I think I do it pretty well. I do have a perspective that no one else has. Towards noon, I stopped into a business, that I will not mention and the girl that worked there new Michael. She talked about how nice looking he was, how she had secretly had a crush on him for years, how much she thinks of him. I must have talked to her for about 45 minutes. Then I went out and got in my car and broke down. What is it about certain people or certain stories that causes me to do that? Why THAT woman? Why today when for the most part, things were going so well for CCFHV? I completely fell apart. I felt all alone and wondered about my sanity. Did Mike have any idea how that girl felt about him? It is so sad that if he did not, she will never, ever have the chance to tell him. What if? What if she would have been the one to make all of his dreams come true? I stood there and looked at this girl and she was so his type. I could imagine that easily. The one thing that I have learned since I began doing this 3 years ago is that you NEVER know when this is going to happen. I have been at events, day after day, talking about all of the cases, over and over. I have met family members that have came to our booth for the first time and breakdown, I have seen family members that constantly come to our events, I have seen alot. Too much sometimes and I am fine. Then one cold afternoon, I talk to yet another girl that thought my cousin was good looking, and I fall apart. Why? What causes this? I have been thinking about this all night. Mike's Mom has been known to have a breakdown now and then also. Some days are better than others. She was his Mom. Of course that is understandable. He was only my cousin. Sure, I loved him and he was a huge part of my life, but why do I do the things that I do? Why is it me? I have other cousins, aunts, uncles, etc. What drives me day after day after day to put myself (and my family and friends) through this?  I hurt someone I care about today. My friend. Someone that is constantly there for me. I jumped down his throat for absolutely nothing. It isn't the first time I have done this either. I wish i could explain that! I love my Aunt. Mike's Mom has always been special to me ever since I was a little girl. She was always outspoken and she always made me laugh... Mike had so much of her in him. He was constantly harassing me and would poke fun of me at every opportunity. That was our relationship. we picked on each other. I remember one family picnic in East Palestine where Mike started telling this story of my wild high school days. It was so funny to me that he remembered some of the crazy things that I did with such detail. I was laughing, and told my husband they were all lies and Mike called me out on it.. I called him a brat and smacked him on the back of the head. Then, thankfully he moved on to my brother.. LOL.. It was the funnest day! All of us cousins together. It was wonderful. Our last holiday with Mike was the 4th of July at my Mom's. That holiday sucks now for all of us and we have never celebrated it since. On that day, things were the same. We harassed eachother, talked about work, our families, I had a really nice tan that year and Mike complimented me on it. I was whispering to my sister-in-law about someone, just being my usual rotten self and I remember Mike looked over and caught me, pointed at me and told me to behave.. I just shook my head "no" and he said "I'm telling my Mom!"  And I said "Go ahead, she will agree with me!" LOL.. There were so many good things that happened that day. I think about that day alot. He told me that I should bring Zack over to ride the horses sometime and I thought, "yeah, I should! Zack would love that...sometime"  I NEVER thought "Wow, this is the very last time I will ever see you." You don't think about that. That is the horrible thing about murder. There is no preparing. There is no warning. Someone you love and that is part of your life is just gone one day. Just gone. You don't get a chance to say goodbye. You don't get a chance to say things that you have been meaning to or do things that you have been meaning to. Nothing! They are just gone. And it is so unfair! Mike was only 37 years old. He had so much ahead of him. 

"People have called us crazy. People have called me and said "What is your problem?" People have called me obsessive. I over-react, I go off on my friends and family for doing NOTHING....I cry at the dumbest things...I worry way too much...I feel helpless, hopeless, I forget important things, I never see my family, I don't trust anyone, I am overly protective of people I care about, I hug way too much, I always think the worst, I get extremely bitchy, I don't sleep well, I don't take care of myself, I lose hope, I get so angry, and nothing matters to me except what I am doing right now. Yep, I am a FAMILY Member. Someone I loved was murdered and I will NEVER be the same. So please, the next time you wonder "What my problem is?" Re-read this post and even if you don't understand why I am the way that I am, (and I pray to God that you never have to) you will realize that is a question that I wish I could answer. They say that "Everything happens for a reason" Really? What reason could there possibly be? "

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Repost from 2013

The wheels of justice may have ground to a halt.

A Lisbon man was killed and another Columbiana County man was wounded Feb. 1 in a Youngstown shooting. Within five days, a 32-year-old Youngstown man had been arrested and charged with aggravated murder and felonious assault in connection with this crime.